How I see it...


Although we occupy the same world, we all see things in our own unique way. This collection of photographs represents a small portion of my work. Each image is a one frame movie, taking you to a specific place and time.

Bringing the unseen into the light, in "as is" conditions provides for a complex and uncontrolled environment. Challenging at best, these conditions force me to account for all that is beyond my control to write, direct, shoot and present each "one frame" movie to you. I do not use photo enhancing techniques, I produce photographs, not pictures.

Each limited edition is printed on Kodak® Endura metallic photographic paper for a lifetime of enjoyment. From fine art photography, writing, directing, creative developement to location scouting, Lembeck Studios has the ability to be a positive impact on your home, workspace, or creative project.

New Jersey Native and West Coast transplant. Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). My purpose driven works are intended to provoke thought, understanding, appreciation, self-awareness and ACTION. These cover topics from Homelessness, Mental Health, Gang Violence, Multiple Sclerosis, Aids and even the value of finding the beauty in everyday objects, before our lives unexpectedly run out.

I am always on the lookout for cool and unusual places to display my work, if you have some, or know of some, let me know.




All photos © Jim Lembeck/Lembeck Studios. No use without permission.